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Princess Thayet Jian Wilima of Sarain, Duchess of Camau and Thanhyien, was reared in a land where women aren't allowed to inherit. Her own father firmly believed she should have been a male heir. Her mother, Kalasin, committed suicide after jin Wilima refused to deal fairly with her people, the K’mir. Before doing so, she sent Thayet to the Mother of Mountains convent. When news of her mother's death reached her, Thayet and her trusted K'mir guard, Buri, set off with a group of children across war-torn country for the Mother of Waters convent in Rachia. Along the way, they joined forces with Alanna of Trebond and Liam Ironarm on their quest for the Dominion Jewel. Upon entering the city, the princess was the victim of an assassination attempt. The travelers soon learned that her father had died from a mysterious illness, and the rebel leader wanted her dead.

Exiled from her home and on the run from those who wished to see her dead or used for political gain, Thayet agreed to join the quest and journey to the Roof of the World. Playing matchmaker, Alanna eventually convinced Thayet to return with her to Tortall. Thayet intended to become nothing more than a loyal subject, but soon caught Prince Jonathan's eye. Following the coronation day tragedy, she worked hard to help rebuild and soon became Tortall's Queen. She is known as Thayet the Peerless.

Thayet is a remarkably beautiful woman, with strong features, hazel eyes and black hair. She's rather fond of the crossbow.

Thayet (formerly [ profile] peerless_thayet) is from the Song of the Lioness quartet and is the property of Tamora Pierce. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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